About Child Abuse Prevention Center

Through the expertise and tireless passion of its staff, the Child Abuse Prevention Center protects those that are most vulnerable to abuse and neglect by teaching and empowering their own parents to provide a safe and nurturing home.  The Center accomplishes this by going to where the family needs the most help – in their home.  By providing proven in-home services, along with parenting classes, and crisis intervention, the Child Abuse Prevention Center continues on its mission to ensure every child in Orange County grows up with a stable and loving family, and to break the cycle of child abuse for generations to come.

“As a child, I did not have the luxury to be led by example on how to be a parent, let alone a good one. Growing up in the foster system and in an abusive home, soon resulted in a vicious cycle of a life I had once lived as a child. This now, is no longer a cycle that will continue in my or my son’s life.  I have learned that it is never too late to experience a chance to change and become the parent that everyone strives to be.”


Address Child Abuse Prevention Center
2390 E. Orangewood Ave., Suite #300
Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone (714) 543-4333


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