Chef Michael Doctulero

For more than 35 years, Chef Michael J. Doctulero has been amazing guests with his creative and sustainable dishes, which magically combine tradition with innovation. Committed to using locally-sourced ingredients, Chef Mike’s passion for cooking is almost as strong as his dedication to preserving the environment for future generations. A devotion he brings with him to to is 35 year dream of his own restaurant Mah Jong’s.

Chef Mike first fell in love with cooking while working alongside his grandfather in the family’s San Francisco home. He has fond memories of fishing on the San Francisco Pier and bringing his prize home to prepare for his family. His time with his grandfather taught him an appreciation for fresh ingredients and the importance cooking can play in our lives.

“The act of Breaking Bread together has been a part of our culture for as long as we can remember,” according to Chef Mike. “It is how friendships are formed and how families celebrate. As a chef, I have the privilege of making folks happy through food and sharing the sacred ritual of breaking bread together.”

Chef Mike’s culinary career has taken him from Seattle, WA to San Francisco, CA to Orange County, CA. His time on the West Coast sparked his passion for seafood and fresh cuisine which draws from global influences. Chef Mike has earned numerous accolades, and his name is synonymous with seasonal, sustainable and delicious (even before they were industry buzz words).

Chef Mike is exploring his passion for creating tantalizing dishes while maintaining his commitment to the sustainability of the ocean. A true Dock-to-Dish restaurant,  Chef Mike works with the local fishermen – who deliver fish to the restaurant’s dock within hours of being caught – as well as the freedom to express his culinary artistry. Chef Mike will bring his years of experience and passion for family and sea to his interoperation of becoming a restauranteur.